Bolt on, plug-in, plug out, no minimum contracts. Engage on an "as needed" basis!
Every résumé is screened, every candidate qualified - our sourcers do the heavy, front end lifting!!

99% of processes can be automated. Sourcing cannot. It still demands a consistent disciplined, diligent, dedicated effort. Every sourcing channel need to be worked. Extensive research with detailed competitive mapping. We go much beyond name generation, where every résumé is screened, every query answered. Connecting the dots, crossing the t's and dotting the i's leads to hidden, passive, referral talent. Believe us, there are no short cuts here. Just pure, hard core sourcing at its best!! Download our white paper – “10.5 things your Sourcers will not do”.


"Competitive intelligence TackyMinds provided is better than what I have seen internally historically."

Kim Pettibone, Human Resources & Talent Management Director at PGi


"Very impressed with quality of candidates that we received."

Lindsay Kadden, Senior Recruiter at Bazaarvoice

"Targeting the right candidates. Getting quick results that were on target"

Shayne Libby, Senior Sales Recruiter, Netsuite


"TackyMinds team was spot on with their execution. Sourcing accuracy was over 90% with the majority being passive & referral candidates"

Bart Willburn, Manager, Recruiting, Allegro Development