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Finding the superstars gets harder and harder in today’s competitive environment. Talent acquisition or sourcing demands a disciplined, structured and focused approach. Add to this a global dimension and things start getting really challenging where the recruiting team needs a global mindset.

Budget restrictions, increased recruiter responsibilities, doing more with less means certain critical parts of the recruiting process are marginalized. Sourcing is restricted to candidates applying directly to boards or through the web site. There is no proactive effort to reach out to candidates.

If you are one of the big boys like Google and Microsoft who can afford dedicated teams of sourcers you are covered. Or you may be using the services of a search company. This is a short sighted approach (no internal skillsets are built) and is very expensive. Your company is one of the many clients the search firm has. If you are small – then forget getting much service. If the search firm does not make a placement quick they move on to the next client.

For the long run, the company needs a more pragmatic, less dependant cost effective strategy to acquire talent. We present a choice. A team of affordable sourcers comprised of sourcing specialists, research analysts, and support personnel work 24/7 on behalf of your recruiters to find them hard to get talent. They also help you build a sourcing infrastructure for the future consisting of talent pipelines, résumé databanks and support tools. A hybrid delivery model consisting of onsite and offsite resources enables competitive pricing.

In our past lives, we have sourced for Fortune 500 companies to much smaller companies for both local and global talent. These have included Capital One, American Airlines, Sabre, Perot Systems, EDS, IBM, Red Cross, AT&T, Lucent Alcatel. Over the years we have worked hard in fine tuning the sourcing process and infrastructure. Our seasoned sourcers, tools and infrastructure enable us to deliver the talent for your recruiters to close and hire. We source. Your recruiters close. A winning combination!


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