Talent will be the ultimate and true differentiator.

Our differentiators are all about how we can help you.
Help you
source better, recruit better all with great results.

Our Differentiators

Global Expertise
We have helped companies find talent across the globe. We understand the intricacies and sometime idiosyncrasies with global talent acquisition. What works in one country is a no-no for another. Synergies can be capitalized across regions. With finding you the right talent we also work on building your global sourcing databanks and pipelines.

Our Comprehensive Solution
We are one of the very few companies that have a fully comprehensive solution consisting of resources, tools and processes to help specifically with end to end sourcing. Our toolkit provides a tool to enable and nurture relationships; a tool to capture and disseminate learnings; ability to analyze progress and develop ongoing metrics. With our seasoned resources and robust tested processes we are adept at handling any sourcing scenario.

Our Experience
Our staff has sourced for a wide range of companies. These range from the elite Fortune 100 like American Airlines, Sabre, EDS, IBM, Perot Systems, Brinks, Capital One, American Red Cross to smaller companies. We have delivered on global, volume, spike, niche, senior, seasonal and VMS type engagements.


Total Flexibility
No long term commitments. No minimum requirements. Total flexibility to engage from anywhere from a week to any time duration. Totally scalable with flexibility to scale up or down rapidly. Engagement model can be designed as per customers needs.

Our Cost Containment Pledge
Using a blend of global talent, common sense tools and processes we deliver with a common denominator. To lower your overall talent acquisition costs. We will work on lowering your current costs and can pledge on achieving success in this area.

Our Guarantee Pledge
We guarantee that our input will better your recruiting effort. In this case it means we will help you find better talent, faster and more cost effectively. If not we will return you back our fees and end the engagement. As simple as that. Our solid belief in our resources, tools and processes and expertise gives us the confidence to deliver as stated.


Complimentary Toolkit

Sourcing Assessment

How effectively are you sourcing for talent? Take our easy assessment!