Complimentary Sourcing Assessment

Your company’s sourcing effort is your pathway to hiring great talent that will be your key differentiator. It all starts with sourcing - finding the right talent. Talent acquisition needs to be your company’s strength. Our sourcing assessment team will analyze and provide feedback on your current state. We will review your work flows, team composition, metrics and skillsets (regular and critical). Our recommendations will detail any next steps with execution details. All complimentary to you.


- How would you rate your overall sourcing effort?
- How does sourcing address your diversity needs?
- What metrics are currently used to evaluate sourcing effectiveness?
- Has the company identified critical skillsets needed on an ongoing basis?
- What knowledge bases (learnings) are captured?
- What is the ROI on the sourcing channels used?
- What is the effectiveness of global sourcing initiatives?
- What tools are used to maximize candidate outreach?
- How does the sourcing process tie into recruiting?


Complimentary Toolkit

Sourcing Assessment

How effectively are you sourcing for talent? Take our easy assessment!