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10.5 Ways to Better your Global Recruiting Effort

Global recruiting in this context refers to recruiting talent outside the US by local US based recruiters. Not all companies can afford to set up and employ local recruiting staff and offices. With different laws, work cultures, expectations, backgrounds global recruiting is challenging to say the least. What works in Singapore or France does not necessarily work here in the US. Recruiters who are not seasoned in working in the global market do not understand this simple reality and tend to paint the globe with the same brush. Lack of resources, time constraints may also contribute to this. Standard work products used here like job descriptions, screening
templates will not be effective globally. The recruiting staff needs to take time to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of different regions

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One Recruiter-Two Practices-Threefold Revenues

The credit and collection industry faces numerous challenges this year and the coming years. In general, it is getting harder and harder to grow and remain profitable. Accounts are easier to come by, but hard to collect. Profit margins keep on falling as companies seek competitive bids. Recently we are seeing global companies enter the arena fighting for the same revenue streams. As states tighten legislation the cost of litigation keeps on rising. To survive companies resort to the usual remedies of cost containment and seeking increased operational efficiencies. You do not have to spend a great deal of money to recruit the best. This paper will address how this can be achieved.

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Pain out of Recruiting: “Ready to Go” Candidates

The holy grail of recruiting still remains to be solved. How to find and recruit great talent? Taking a proactive approach where the company actively seeks great talent is something very few companies do nowadays. These days they are tied down to the daily business of closing open requisitions (reqs) and chasing candidates for these reqs. Building candidate pipelines refers to the process of proactively sourcing for great talent that will be needed in the future. Around 80% of skillsets in an organization are “essential” skillsets that never change as long as the business model remains the same.

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