10.5 Ways to Global Talent

Globalization is an inevitable reality that company’s face as they look for growth markets. The level of collaboration with global partners will also see a rise as partnerships are developed to foster innovation, development and distribution efforts. To support these strategic initiatives companies will seek to recruit talent abroad. In the global world de facto recruiting practices do not apply. While there may be some commonality between a region, a continent, countries have their own unique ways to recruit. Different ways of conducting business, different cultures, norms, backgrounds, expectations mean the recruiter needs to understand and work with these variables.

Talent acquisition (finding talent) involves sourcing the right way with a global mindset. What works in China does not work in Switzerland. Business and social networking sites are ranked differently. For example, the Europeans prefer XING to Linkedin. A leading site like Monster may not even rank in the top five within other countries.


Standard job descriptions designed for the US will fail to attract the right response within Asia. Referrals tend to be more successful in some areas than others when done the right way. Candidates in some regions prefer emails while others will not move ahead till a phone information gathering session takes place with the recruiter.

The Bottom Line - talent acquisition at the global level needs to be done differently. Customization, time differences, regional preferences all add to the complexity of finding the right talent. In this white paper, we present some sure shot ways to improve your internal sourcing effort. If a company lacks resources or does not have resources with global experience we recommend the alternative of outsourcing the sourcing aspect of the recruiting process. It can be a cost effective alternative, which is scalable and requires no long term commitment.

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