There is sourcing. Then there is deep sourcing.

Kind of like general massage and deep “tissue massage”
Good sourcing is all about analyzing, synthesizing, rework.

Meet our Sourcers

For our last engagement we have to move from London to Zurich to Singapore in a course of four weeks. The client was under pressure to quickly ramp up the sales teams in these three countries. We had the minimum which included a basic job description. Access to the hiring manager was not possible as he was busy travelling across the globe stabilizing the Chinese and Brazilian operations. The jobs had been open for a while. The boards were not helping. The jobs had been posted in some local sites with no luck. The recruiters were frustrated and had come to a standstill. A placement had been made in Zurich through a search firm. However they wanted a solution that was much cheaper and viable in the long run. We got a call from HQ in Dallas to begin execution within a couple of days. We had to work with the minimum we got from the client! We quickly put in a seasoned team consisting of sourcers, researchers and support personnel. For the next four weeks we executed with full passion and thoroughly enjoyed the diverse work and the challenges.


Sourcing is a unique skillset. To source good you need to be focused, patient, disciplined and keep at it till you get results. Not many people are good at this. We test people to ensure they have the patience and dedication to sit in front of a computer all day and sometimes all nights with weekends. They need to be good at follow up and pursue a lead till they achieve success. They need to be good at detective work and be able to mine down into the trenches. Documentation is important for follow up and for the future.

All our sourcers are trained hard. With global jobs we never know what ‘time clocks’ are we going to work with or where is our next destination. However, we love it as we dig deep and work at it till we get what we are looking for!! The client recruiters love us for what we do. We bring in the talent for them to close. It is a great feeling to know you are helping a company bring in great talent.


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